Monday, July 4, 2011

Annie Leibovitz

I chose to research Annie Leibovitz, a fairly modern photographer. Annie Leibovitz is known for her dramatic photographs of celebrities. I first heard of Leibovitz a few years back watching Oprah, where Annie was being interviewed. They showed a very elegant and beautiful picture of Nichole Kidman and it sort of stuck with me because it was so interesting.
Below is the Nicole Kidman picture, followed by a Bette Midler picture, and a Whoopi Goldberg picture-all courtesy of .

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Canvas of pictures that spell my name

I had to get pretty creative to find every day things which spelled out my name. For the "C" I chose a banana that was curved. The "R" is created by an Airwick spray top. The "I" is a vase I have in my apartment which is filled with reeds that stretch upward. The "S" is a paper mache seamonster-snake my sister made in highschool. The "T" is created by the base of the lamp and the shade, and the "A" is my patio chair's legs that bend together in such a way which creates the letter.

Indoor picture without flash and enhanced version of the same picture

Below is a picture I took of my cat without the flash. Fortunately for me he was sitting so that the sunshine filtered in and shed some natural light in the photograph. The next picture I enhanced by first cropping, and then I played around with the highlighting, fill light, and shadow tools to make the lighting better in the picture without washing out the color.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I chose do make a background and name based on my middle name-Rose. My parents made my middle name Rose after my grandmother and my grandfather always calls me Rose as well so it seemed to be the most personal choice to me.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lightened or Cropped Pictures

This is my original picture from the Time of Day assignment.
And this next picture is one I lightened up a little bit using Picasa.
I tried a couple of different things to lighten up the picture a bit and still keep the quality, but what ended up working best for me was to saturate the picture and put a glow in the skyline closer to the trees. The effects of the saturation made the cars in the parking lot show up where they didn't previously.

The next two pictures are from my parents backyard. I took these pictures for the Rule of Three assignment. I cropped out their neighbors house and a good portion of their yard because I wanted to accentuate the plants (flowers, tree, hill/yard) as the focus points of the picture.